Stressed? Better lay off that fried chicken, ice cream, chocolate bars…


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The China Post news staff  Tuesday, May 9, 2017, 5:02 pm TWN

tress and junk food — such a vicious cycle.

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But that inevitable crash down to Earth takes a toll not only on our bodies but on mental well-being as well.

That’s according to psychologist Shih Chia-chuo, who says that junk food (sweets, fried and other processed foods) not only cause dizziness and fatigue just an hour after we eat them, but also increase the likelihood of depression.

Shih says one of his patients is a working mom with a family of four. Unable to juggle long work hours and the needs of her family, she gained over 15 kg in two years while experiencing increased anxiety and sleep deprivation.

Shih said the mom was essentially working a “second shift" at home after leaving the office. Unable to catch a breath, these women can gradually develop eating habits that facilitate the onset of depression.

The symptoms of depression include the lack of appetite, inadequate sleep, constant feelings of anxiety and agitation, impatience, early fatigue, forgetfulness, loss of concentration, decrease in self-confidence and prevalence of negative thoughts.

The problem is when we self-medicate by relying on sweets and fast food, which along with caffeine and tobacco, exacerbate the depression, says Shih.

Not only does Shih suggest limiting the consumption of these products, he also recommends foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids as well as vitamins B and C, which can be found in fresh fruits (such as kiwi, grapes and cherries), dark leafy vegetables, dried fish, yogurt, milk and tofu.

Next time, think before you shell out for those tasty fried treats and opt for the foods that can help strengthen your body’s adrenal cortex and help reduce stress instead.