Open study of the safety of 12 weeks of continuous ingestion of champignon extract



Champignon extract’s beneficial effects include intraintestinal deodorization and it has long been used as a nutritional supplement at doses of 0.5–1 g/day. This clinical trial comprised an open study to investigate the safety of 12-week continuous administration of 3 g/day champignon extract in 20 men and women aged 50–79 years. We also investigated the effects of champignon extract in alleviating conditions such as halitosis and body and fecal odor as secondary evaluation items. Evaluation was conducted at 4, 8, and 12 weeks after starting ingestion, but no abnormalities were noted for any of the clinical tests, including complete blood count and liver and kidney function tests. Both subjects and cooperating individuals (those living with the subjects) observed significant improvements in stool shape and secondary items (halitosis and body and fecal odor). Overall tendency for improvement was also noted in the Visual Analogue Scale questionnaires of both subjects and cooperating individuals. These results confirmed the safety of 12 weeks of continuous ingestion of 3 g/day champignon extract and also suggested that it improved halitosis and body and fecal odor.For more detail, please visit the website :