Half of sauces are not correctly labeled: FDA


Source: China Post (http://www.chinapost.com.tw/taiwan/2016/12/08/486158/Half-of.htm)

TAIPEI — Half of the sauces checked during recent government inspections were not labeled properly, according to results published by the Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday.


Lu Yun-ju, a section chief of the FDA, said 57 out of 114 sauce products checked were not labeled properly, mainly because the labels displayed incorrect nutrition information, did not fully disclose the ingredients used, did not indicate genetic modification where it was required or used characters too small for easy reading.

The manufacturers of those products have made necessary changes to their product labels, the FDA said.

On the issue of food additives, five of the 78 sauce products were found to have higher level of preservatives than allowed and their manufacturers were fined a total of NT$210,000 (US$6,700).