Expert warns on trans fat content of popular food


Margarine is widely considered unhealthy because it contains trans-fatty acid, but a serving of French fries contains more trans fat than margarine, according to a nutritionist.

Of edible oils sold on the market, vegetable oil, vegetable shortening and margarine contain 1.47 percent, 2.44 percent and 0.48 percent trans fat respectively, according to Lin Shih-hang of National Taiwan University’s Institute of Food Science and Technology, citing a study by Shyu Shyi-liang, a professor of food science at National Chiayi University.

The study found that shortening does not contain the highest level of trans fat, Lin said, adding that coffee creamer and vegetable shortening can contain as much as 24.9 percent and 18.2 percent trans fat respectively.

Lin’s remarks come amid new regulations, effective as of July 1, that state packaged foods must be clearly labeled for consumer reference if their trans fat level exceeds 0.3 percent.

Lin said that the WHO advises adults not to consume more than 1 percent of their total calorie intake per day in trans fats.

Using that formula, daily consumption of trans fats should not exceed 2.2 grams based on a recommended intake of 2,000 calories per adult per day.

The Consumers’ Foundation found that 100g of pancakes contain about 1.3g of trans fat, and the same amount of French fries contains about 4.4g of trans fat, while puff pastry on a creamy soup contains about 1.6g of trans fat….For more detail, please visit the website: